Public Art Collection Storage Facility – The City of Calgary

Public Art Collection Storage Facility – The City of Calgary

Date(s): Sunday

2340 - 22 Street NE


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40-minute guided tours available at 10:30am (FULL) | 11:30am (FULL) | 1:30pm (FULL)| 2:30 pm (FULL)


Learn about this climate controlled facility and how we protect the collection.
Learn how we store, move, install and exhibit valuable pieces of art both big and small.
See some highlights from the collection – both historical and contemporary

Protecting Your Public Art Collection Tour:
The City’s art collection includes over 1200 pieces of temporary and permanently sited outdoor installations in parks and plazas, as well as artworks integrated into infrastructure such as roadways, buildings, bridges and LRT stations.
The collection also includes portable artworks such as photographs, paintings, ceramics, textiles, and sculptures which are rotated throughout public spaces.
Artworks in the collection are in the public arena frequently but this important cultural legacy requires safe storage when not on display, as well as regular maintenance and professional conservation practices.

Guided Tours

ALL TOURS ARE FULL 40-minute guided tours available at 10:30am (FULL) | 11:30am (FULL) | 1:30pm (FULL) | 2:30 pm (FULL)

Maximum 20 people per tour. Photography is not permitted.

Significance to Calgary

Unique/interesting/historical features

This is a purpose-built facility within a City-owned warehouse. The collection storage facility is enclosed within a separate, insulated structure – a cocoon – inside the warehouse. All openings in the cocoon’s building envelope, including doors, are well sealed in order to minimize the infiltration of dust, pests and other contaminants. The facility has temperature and relative humidity control as well as particulate filtration and is monitored by Corporate Security.
Significance to Calgary?

The Public Art Collection is a reflection of our living heritage and a record of significant visual art developments in Calgary. The collection celebrates Calgary and area artists and provides opportunities for citizens to access these artworks on a frequent basis. Proper care and maintenance is essential to ensuring the Collection is preserved for the enjoyment and use of future generations of Calgarians.


Men & Women, Handicapped


60 stalls.

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The closest bus route is #19 (16 Avenue NE). Stop 9422 – EB 24 AV NE @ 21 ST NE

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