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1048 - 21 Avenue SE


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Drop-in to meet artists, and take a guided tour of this community artist hub


Visit our open studio!  Meet the artists, participate in a group event with Burns visual.

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Drop-in Guided tours available

Significance to Calgary

nvrlnd. is a non-profit art collective that transformed an abandoned hotel in Ramsay, with the goal to create an open-minded, affordable and safe art space for artists to gather, create, experiment and share their work with the public. We believe that art is a vital part of the way we see and understand the world around us, and are committed to collaborating with artists of multiple disciplines, thinkers and communities to help produce works that explore art, performance, music, technology and sustainability.

12,416 volunteer hours were spent transforming the Shamrock hotel in Ramsay into a community arts hub.

We received $0 in public funding and are operating debt free


Men & Women


30 stalls.

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