Fuse 33 Makerspace

Fuse 33 Makerspace

Date(s): Saturday & Sunday

1720 Radisson Drive SE


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Drop-in guided tours every 30 mins


Demonstrations using equipment and tools at Fuse 33 Makerspace will be held throughout the day with special presentations from our professional members and the work they do at Fuse 33.

Interactive projects showcasing a selection of the projects that have been made at Fuse33 Makerspace will be on display visitors to explore.

Hands-on workshops will be available for participants throughout the day to explore a variety of constructing and crafting methods explored at Calgary’s largest makerspace.

Guided Tours

Drop-in guided tours are every half-hour. Maximum 20 people per tour.

English, Spanish and French languages available.

Significance to Calgary

Fuse 33 is Calgary’s largest Makerspace focused on building community located just off of Deerfoot Tr. on International Avenue. What was once a mechanics shop is now a community co-working space filled with a variety of tools to take projects from a prototype to a successful startup business. Equipment available to the community includes 3-d printers, laser cutters, metalwork shop, woodworking shop, sewing machines, CNC machine, startup office space and meeting rooms,


Men & Women, Handicapped


15 stalls. Street parking available.

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Max Purple 307, 43

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